How it works

Download the SmartGurlz SugarCoded app, connect via bluetooth on your iPhone/ iPad or Android device, and you can drive your Siggy (the 2-wheeled self balancing scooter) around from your phone/tablet, record your moves and replay with your friends, and start using the instructional coding programs, challenges and games. The doll comes with the Siggy, but you can always put your own doll on there as well. 

You can learn the basic concepts of Computer Science with drag and drop (block) programming. SugarCoded is game-like, self-directed and includes instructional play, games & challenges, and a free-code area as well (so you can test and learn whatever code you want).

The best part about SugarCoded is that you can code your Siggy to drive/dance on the floor, save your moves or even play game like missions. Learn repeat-loops, conditionals, and basic algorithms.

The app is divided into 6 sections that combine learning and playing

 Download the SuagrCoded app now to get started!

Use the control panel to access free play, games, features, coding challenges, and stories


Compatibility: This is compatible with a Smart Phone or Tablet, that supports BlueTooth 4 (iPad newer than 2012 and Phone > iPhone 4S) , and if android, has an OS >= 4.4

 The Siggy requires a standard 9V battery (not included) or you can purchase a rechargeable Siggy Power Pack which you can use over again

 This is a popular STEM toy for girls, a great robot doll for learning and fun